What Is media.net

What Is media.net And How can You Make Money from It?

Most people who have a blog hope to monetize it either for some passive income or look to make it their primary source of income. If you’re running a blog that you would love to monetize, or you are struggling to monetize, perhaps, you can consider media.net. Media.net is the second largest contextual advertisement platform in the world and is powered by Yahoo! and Bing’s marketplace of advertisers. Over the years, media.net has proven to be a powerful alternative for AdSense, especially due to the latter’s strict rules in qualifying for the monetization program and to continue to prove yourself to be worthy of it.


Contextual Advertising

To understand how media.net works, we have to first understand how contextual advertising works. Have you ever been to a website that’s about health and living and you see ads for clothes and makeup? It can be a bit frustrating, and even distracting or disruptive towards your experience of the website you are visiting. That’s where contextual advertising comes in – it’s where only ads that are relevant to the context of the web page, and the blog will be featured, nothing else. To give an example, if you have a fitness website, only ads that are relevant to fitness will be displayed. This means a visitor who comes to your website is more likely to click through to these ads since it’s relevant to the content he/she came to your website to consume as compared to irrelevant ads. More clicks mean potentially more engagement, and thus, more revenue for you. Having ads that are related to the content of your web page and your blog also makes you seem more of a credible blogger – you appear as someone who is looking to carve out a niche and expertise rather than appearing as someone who posts any ad hoc ads that could disrupt your visitors’ viewing experience.


How It Works

As mentioned, media.net is backed up by Yahoo! And Bing, displaying ads that are of high quality and high paying. Some of the publishers media.net works with include Cosmopolitan, Elle, Forbes, and Reuters. media.net is invitation based, but don’t let that term scare you off as anyone can request an invite. Media.net is not biased about whether you have a small or large blog. Its only requirement is that you produce quality content so as long as your blog has a niche and distinct content, the chances that you get approved are high.


After you have requested for an invite, it takes a maximum of two business days to determine the outcome of your application. Once approved, an email will be sent to you welcoming you onboard to the program. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you, who will assist you with the setup of the ads on your page and to get started. If you don’t wish to do such things, your account manager will do it for you. Payments will be done through PayPal or wire transfer, with a minimum payout requirement of $100. And that’s it! Every time someone clicks through to an ad that’s displayed on your web page, you will be paid based on the ads you have selected.


Some Recommendations to Maximize your Monetization

To make the most out of your monetization program with media.net, here are some best practices for you to follow to boost that. Customize your ads such that they are of a size that will best flow with the layout of your web page. Also, place them on places where visitors are more likely to click such as just above your blog post, below it or along the right side. Media.net also has an inbuilt system that consistently tests several options for colours, keywords, and design to see what works best for your website. It can take around two weeks to have results, be sure to make the most out of it and to be patient for it!


Since media.net shows a preference for quality over traffic, if the niche of your blog is exactly where media.net is looking to share its ads, you could make a lot more money even with minimal traffic. Media.net will be a good place to sign up if your content is law, education, services, self-help, travel, and finance. If your niche is products, celebrity oriented, entertainment or sports, you may not fare as well as someone whose niche is in one of the previous groups.


Monetizing your blog is a very difficult business and becoming successful at it can be even more challenging. Perhaps, while considering the many options that are out there to monetize your blog, you can consider media.net. It’s individualized account manager to cater to your needs and contextual ads that do not disrupt your visitors’ experiences can prove to be especially useful in navigating the rough waters of making money through ads.

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