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Top 10 free WordPress themes of all time

Today we are going to look at the Top 10 Free WordPress Theme of all time. The WordPress community boasts an embarrassment of riches when it comes to resources for creating websites and blogs. The difficulty of navigating the variety can often be overwhelming. We’ve done the research—waded through the quagmire of WordPress themes to hand pick ten of the best. The following list walks you through some of the most attractive, useful, user-friendly, and—did we mention—free themes for making your website stand out in the WordPress community and on the internet in general.



The Sydney theme is a professional and stylish interface that presents businesses, individuals, and freelancers with a simple yet effective way of making a bold impression on their customers and potential clientele. The elementor blocks are just one of many highly customizable features. Sydney integrates not only with the styles and capabilities exclusive to WordPress but also works seamlessly with external add-ons like Google fonts. The theme gives you full control of the colours and grants significant control over the placement of images and other assets so that your site will fully represent your image and brand. Plus, Sydney is fully translation ready to make your site completely accessible to viewers of all backgrounds.



If you’re into WooCommerce, Shopera is the WordPress theme that can get your product and your store the visibility it deserves. This responsive and customizable theme is made to work well on all devices and the layout is as modern and uncluttered as they come. Personalize your background, menus, and headers. With sticky posts and both left and right side-bars, you can place as many categories as required to improve your site’s navigability. Insert your product images or your logo into customizable frames that highlight your goods, services, and brand and minimize the effect of the overlay. That way your clients see what you want them to see where you want them to see it. Plus, this attractive and professional shopping theme is 100% free.


News Mag-Lite

This free design gives a modern and trendy look for any WordPress site interested in communicating in a newsletter or journal style. The design is artsy and edgy, with tabs that help categorize your content but which are also customizable so that you’re not locked into the layout. Banner posting and image sliders will enable your page to scream your brand and set itself off from the rest. Customize your background, colours, and menus; engage and retain readers with sticky posts and threaded comments. Plus News Mag-Lite is also equipped with social media icons that allow you to instantly link your content to your favourite media sites. You can also embed contact forms, widgets, and maps quickly and easily to maximize the information content while retaining the aesthetic quality of your page.



The ShopIsle theme is a freemium quality that delivers an attractive full-screen banner that allows seamless presentation of your logo or image that brands your product. The parallax effect will enhance the refined, dynamic and professional quality of your site, whether as a classy storefront or as a showcase for beautifully curated images. Plus you can customize headers, background, colours, and menus. WooCommerce is seamlessly integrated into the design so that shopping achieves an aestheticized air that supports customers’ confidence that the quality of your product and service match that of your design.



This popular and beginner friendly theme allows you to fully customize your WordPress site with design elements like blocks that are pre-defined to guide the novice’s hand even as the ability to tailor and reposition them offers creative freedom the professional. The theme offers functionality with parallax background; colour, menu, background, and header customization; a selection of animations; and two distinct and customizable blog layouts. It also offers social media integration and full translatability to help you reach your viewers on their turf. These features are all free and rendered in professional and clean styles that will attract the best kind of attention to your site.



A fully customizable magazine theme with a professional finish, ColorMag offers a thoughtful layout for the eye-catching images that attract and impress viewers. Along with images, with WooCommerce operability, your WordPress site will house your product and services in a clean and attractive space. Complete with colour selection for each category and theme colours for buttons and menus, choices between boxed and wide layouts, and a responsive design that supports all devices, this theme is equipped to represent your brand so well that it stands out on any platform. Widget areas allow you to add even more levels of functionality, and its speed and SEO optimization will ensure that your site gets found both by humans and by web crawlers.



A theme highly acclaimed by its users, the clean and functional design of Radiate allows the content of your blog to shine through unimpeded. With a large header that supports parallax imaging, you can showcase a central thematic picture or element that identifies your brand in a unique and elegant way. Below the header is a space designed for showcasing a multiplicity of assets, whether a blog or a portfolio, images or social media updates. With the ability to customize background and other colours, menus and headers, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition when it comes to radiant presentations. Your WordPress site’s versatility provides your viewers with sticky posts that help them navigate and comment threads that help them connect with you and others. The theme also supports translation, so you can go international without your viewers ever feeling left out.


Olsen Lite

The elegant and contemporary design of this blogging theme will attract trendy, classy, and down-to-earth viewers alike. Its wide appeal comes from its simplicity and efficient use of space. The connection to social media is readily provided, and the classic two-fold posting layout—divided into sidebars and main listing—makes the site easy to navigate. Widgets are welcome, but the theme rightly focuses on the main feed, and the layout fills out the width so that the added space translates to a cleaner framing of your content. Communication with users is encouraged by comment threads and social media plugs, so nothing comes between you and your public.


One Page Express

This theme has one of the most minimalist and elegant designs you’ll come across. It gives you almost total control over your content, allowing you to design and dictate the aspects of your WordPress site that will define your brand. While the home page offers a clean design, the theme offers the option to add up to 30 additional sections to the page. The result is that it has an almost distinctly businesslike look. If professionalism is key for your WordPress site, this is a solid choice.


Metro X

This artsy design gives a classic look to your WordPress site. Its left side-bar and thumbnail grid gives your viewers variety and offers them several ways to navigate your content. Widget friendly and responsive, the theme also gives you many ways to connect with viewers. Image- or text-based feeds grant that aesthetic feel, one mingled with efficient content delivery and mobile-friendly functionality to ensure that your graphics, images, and backgrounds always grab and hold viewer attention. Plus, with localization functionality, you’ll be able to connect with audiences both regionally and internationally.


WordPress themes are very popular and the sheer variety of them can be intimidating. We take the intimidation factor out by doing the groundwork for you to locate these highly usable and aesthetically driven free themes. With any of these, your WordPress site will certainly draw eyes and capture the attention of your target audience.

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