How to Get Traffic From Pinterest

How to Get Traffic From Pinterest in a Few Easy Steps

Pinterest is not only a well-known social network to indulge in boards filled with creative dinner recipes, wardrobe inspiration, or appealing photographs. Like the many other social media platforms that tend to consume our daily lives, Pinterest prides itself in acting as an incredibly effective tool to direct organic search traffic to a website or blog. The primary difference in Pinterest, when compared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, is that it allows you to create boards, which serve as a folder of sorts. These boards work to categorize your Pinterest content, otherwise referred to as “pins”. This social platform succeeds in both directly driving search traffic to your website, as well as indirectly. By building a loyal following on Pinterest and remaining consistent in your activity, you will increase the potential for more search flow to your blog.

If you have a business or a blog that you would like to increase search traffic for, just follow these simple steps to master the art of Pinterest:

Optimize Your Account

As with most social media platforms, the first step to increasing website search flow with Pinterest is to establish an appealing profile that will stand out to viewers. Your Pinterest profile should include a quality profile image, an SEO-friendly biography highlighting who you are and what you do, as well as any related keywords and, of course, a link to your website.

It goes without saying that your account profile is perhaps the most significant aspect in establishing a strong presence on Pinterest. Your profile will be your business’s first impression that users come across. Therefore, ensure that you create an account profile that will be sure to “wow” your audience!

Pin Every Blog Post

While pinning any company products that you may be promoting is important, it is also crucial that you remember to pin every blog post that you upload. You can organize your account with a variety of boards that focus on different topics or themes so that you will be able to pin your blog posts to the board that best aligns with the content of your blog. These boards and pins will update your Pinterest followers every time you post a new blog, thereby encouraging an increase in search flow to your website.

Combine Blog Post Titles with Images

Upon pinning your newly uploaded blog posts to Pinterest, you should absolutely consider utilizing an image or a graphic to place the title of your blog post over. This will most definitely stand out to your followers and attract potential viewers more so than a blog title alone would. It would be most strategic to include an image that hints at or suggests what the content of your blog focuses on. The best part about this point, and really Pinterest as a whole, is that you can get as creative as you want to make an eye-popping pin that will further encourage users to click on your blog!

Create and Maintain Pinterest Boards

It is important to continuously maintain your Pinterest boards by ensuring each board contains keyword-rich titles, as well as keyword-rich descriptions. One hack to creating boards that will be sure to attract more viewers is to type words or phrases into the Pinterest search bar that relate to your content. You will see a menu of suggestions appear that are based on content that other users most frequently search. This is valuable information to use in that you can implement the most searched words and phrases into your content, which will undoubtedly result in an increase in traffic to both your account and website.

Make Website Pinterest-Friendly

Now it is time to double-check that there are tools on both your Pinterest and blog to encourage a back-and-forth flow from one platform to another. What does this mean exactly? You must ensure that your website is Pinterest-friendly so as to encourage viewers from your website to explore your Pinterest account, which will boost your Pinterest followers. Likewise, you should make it simple and easy for your Pinterest followers to easily navigate your blog or website. You can effectively manage a Pinterest-friendly blog by incorporating a “pin it” button on each of your website’s images, as well as adding a Pinterest follow button.

Engage with Pinterest Users

Engaging with your audience and other users is usually recommended for just about all social media platforms when looking to increase followers and search traffic. By joining in conversations and interacting with fellow users, you will increase the likelihood of your account becoming noticed. You can connect with users by following various accounts that are relevant to your content, as well as liking, commenting, and sharing posts. Furthermore, if your followers leave comments on your content or are initiating engagement with you, it will surely benefit your account, and therefore your blog, to be as responsive as possible.


Reap the benefits of this powerful social media platform that has altered the way in which bloggers network. With these simple steps, your Pinterest profile will encourage a consistent flow of search traffic to your website and, as a result, benefit your business.

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