how to make money from google admob

What Is Google Admob and How Do You Make Money from It?

Just like bloggers, most app developers hope to monetize the application or applications they have developed. Google Admob is a mobile advertising system by Google for developers to monetize their app by displaying ads within the app. Some developers are still hesitant and apprehensive towards displaying ads in their app(s) for reasons such as fear of seeming like a money grab or concerns about disrupting the user’s experience. However, the great thing about displaying ads in your app is the fact that you don’t have to create a new business model or redo your current business model to generate and worry about income. You can tap into the well-established and well-proven method of ads to meet your financial needs.


Admob Offers Four Types of Ads for You to Use in Your App

Before you set up Google Admob for your app(s), it’s perhaps best to know the kind of options Admob offers to see if any of them suit your needs or pique your curiosity.

  1. Banner: this is a small banner you can place on the screen of your app wherever you wish such as the top of the app, side, middle, etc. When your user clicks on the banner, the ad will pop up. You are free to customize the user’s interaction with the ad, and the duration you wish for the ad to be displayed.
  2. Interstitial: this is an ad that will display at a full-screen size when your app calls for it. Since full-screen ads are larger in size, it would be useful if you had the ads loaded before its time for them to be displayed. This will make sure the ad won’t buffer when your user is using it, and won’t hinder their experience
  3. Native: these are ads that you can customize and create from scratch to match your app and generate a code.
  4. Rewarded Interstitial: this is an interstitial ad that will offer users of your app rewards within the app when they engage with an ad (watching a video, opening a link, etc) Since they are rewards, it goes without saying that they help your users out in the app by offering them things such as money, points, and levels. This is the most useful (for users and developers) and the most popular option.


Setting Up an Admob Account and How It Works

If these options seem appealing to you, then you can start out by setting up an account with Google Admob. Once that’s done, you can log in and click the “MONETIZE” tab at the top bar and select “MONETIZE NEW APP”. Admob will then collate information about your app and provide you the SDK needed for your app. You can then select the type of ad you want and customize it. The final step is to download the Google Mobile Ads SDK. You can check the integration guide for more information. Every time your user clicks through the ads displayed, you will be financially rewarded in some form.


To really maximize your earnings, Admob offers a feature known as “mediation”. This is where you can display as many ads as possible within your app so that you can maximize user engagement and subsequently maximize your potential revenue and income. Admob mediation will integrate over 40 unique mobile networks to help you achieve the maximum revenue through your app for you. Developers also have the option to engage in SDK-less mediation. By choosing ad network optimization, Admob will also check and inform you of the highest-paying ads so that you can have the best possible experience in using ads and making money through it.


When it comes to making money, it’s not simply about how many users you have on your app, it’s about how many active users you have. Earnings are also dependent on a number of factors such as how long these active users are engaged on your app, how many new users are installing your app, the location of your app and the types of ads.


Some Recommendations to Maximize your Monetization

To make the most out of Google Admob, here are some recommendations. Make sure that your ads are not disruptive so that they do not turn your users away from the app altogether. Also, ensure that your ads are relevant so that they add value to your users’ knowledge and experience. This will, in turn, mean better engagements with the ads displayed, and thus more revenue for you.


Overall, Google Admob is a great tool for developers to make some money – for both developers who are just starting out and those who are well-established. It appears to be pretty user-friendly, and as long as you have a growth mindset, where you aim to continually grow your app, Google Admob seems to be a monetize your app and enjoy some financial benefits from your app.

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