What is WordPress? Why WordPress is the most popular CMS platform?

What is WordPress? Why WordPress is the most popular CMS platform?

WordPress (WP) has become the most popular platform for content management and the largest web hosting service on the internet. It currently hosts approximately 30% of all websites. But why is WordPress so popular? What makes it such an attractive platform for so many persons looking for website hosting and other content management services? The following are some of the most important reasons why WordPress has such a big share of the CMS market.


SEO Optimization Support

WordPress works well with search engine optimization (SEO) for a number of reasons that include:

  • The way WordPress handles permalinks: it makes them customizable so that you can use them to cater to your SEO campaign.
  • It furnishes metadata for you so that you don’t have to worry about editing HTML to optimize your site for search engines.
  • It carries an Alternative Text feature for uploading images, which allows you to easily optimize them for search engines. You simply put your desired keywords into that field. Afterwards, the image gets automatically optimize.
  • It optimizes for speed and allows plugins that compress files and minify scripts in order to make your website load faster, pass search engine speed tests, and get higher rankings.
  • It supports easy social media integration to get more viewers to your page and keep them engaged longer.
  • Attractive themes and extensive customizability enables you to keep the interest of your viewers, increasing your website’s average view time and thereby improving your search engine rankings.


Cost Effectiveness

WordPress is so affordable that it is possible for it to cost nothing at all but your time and interest in making your website great. Not only is the blog function totally free, but you can also get free themes. It makes your site look as modern, as professional, or as funky as you like. WP also gives you access to free plugins to improve the functionality of your site. These plugins help site to better connect with your users. However, even its paid services are cost-effective:

  • Upgrading to a full-fledged Website is easy, as WordPress also offers affordable choices that begin at just $3. Domain names are free for the first year and cost only $14.99/year thereafter.
  • Optional features such as domain privacy protection cost only $0.99/month
  • E-commerce plugins such as WooCommercecost nothing at all for the basic features (though certain upgrades can be purchased).


User Friendliness

  • Set up is easy

While refining your WordPress site is a long-term commitment, the initial set up required to get your site up and running can be accomplished in minutes. In fact, in just five steps:

  • creating the homepage
  • selecting a theme
  • configuring the home page
  • creating your other pages (even without content)
  • making your menu

Voila! You now have a fully functional website.

  • Management is easy
    • Multiple account management– Using one of the many free plugins (manageWP, WPRemote, JetpackManage, etc.) you can manage up to 24 separate WordPress accounts from one administrator’s panel. (You can also manage more than 24 accounts at a cost.)
    • Plugin management – As an open source venture, WordPress has developers all over the world building plugins for everything, including a plugin to categorize your all your other plugins make them more manageable.
    • Updates managementEasy Updates Manager allows you to manage all types of WordPress updates—WP core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, etc.—all in one place.
    • Files management – WP comes equipped with functionality that enables you simply to drag and drop media files.


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  • The wide availability of plugins– As mentioned before, WordPress has a plugin for anything you want to be done, as the popularity of the WordPress CMS platform prompts independent developers to constantly create software that works seamlessly with it. So whatever the vision you have for your website, the chances are very high that the available resources will facilitate getting it done.
  • E-commerce readiness– Becoming an online merchant easy with WordPress. The WooCommerce plugin is free in its basic form and provides you with all you need to get your foot in the door with online sales. Plus, you can always upgrade or add extensions to get even more functionality out of the plugin and make your online store everything you want it to be.
  • Blog readiness– WordPress is also a very popular blogging site, so if your website needs to have a blog, WordPress has made it as easy as:
    • Creating a blank page
    • Naming the page
    • Publishing the page
    • Designating it as a page for posts
    • Indicating how many posts you want per page
  • Customizable Themes… and Hundreds of them!

You don’t have to be a software developer or a designer to have a great looking website. Free and paid themes exist in droves on the WordPress site, and any number of them are customizable. It makes your site into whatever you want it to look like. Whether you’re going for a professional, bohemian, businesslike or playful feel, WordPress has a theme for every site and every occasion. Plus you can easily change themes to give your website a makeover, an upgrade, or just a fresh look.

  • Navigability

Widgets are legion on WordPress so that you can get to virtually anywhere on the site from anywhere else. Your users never have to get lost on your website unless you want them to. WP even has a built-in search function that allows you and your users to thoroughly explore your website. It makes it easy to get to the page you want even if you don’t know which page it is.


Speed Optimization

Several solutions exist for optimizing your WordPress site for speed. The most efficient way is to use one of the pre-constructed themes that have a speed optimization component. Since themes are openly sourced, well and badly coded ones will exist, and the latter type might cause sluggish activity on your site. However, finding the most efficiently coded theme that supports fast-loading WordPress sites is as easy as doing a web search. One example is the Fastest Theme. Plus, if you already have a sluggish site but you like its theme and don’t want to change, WordPress has speed plugins that can make it better. wp-rocket is one such. And, of course, there are many others.



WordPress sites can be easily made mobile friendly by selecting one of its many themes that boast responsive technology. Responsive themes enable your website to detect the type of device being used to access it. It adapts the content accordingly so that it fits properly onto the screens and responds to touchscreen functionality. That means, even if you create your WordPress site on a desktop, it need never malfunction or look wonky on a phone, tablet, or other mobile devices.



With malware monitoring, frequent updates to website security tools, and a myriad of security plugins (e.g. Sucuri), WordPress is at root a very secure platform on which to build and host your website. Furthermore, as an open source platform, developers from all over the world develop it—hundreds of them, perhaps thousands. Regularly installing the frequent updates to WordPress (using, for instance, Easy Updates Manager) will put to good use the effort WordPress’s developers put daily into assessing and maintaining the security of the platform.

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