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Top 10 Blogging Niches That Generate Traffic & Money

Blogging can be an effective way to connect with your audience, promote a business and, perhaps most appealing, drive traffic to a website while making you money. In the realm of blogging, however, not all types of blogs are equally appealing, successful or profitable. In fact, if you are serious about generating traffic and money via blogging, choosing the right niche is critical.


Highlighting the easiest types of blogs to monetize, the following highlights the top 10 blogging niches that typically make bloggers the most money.

1. Weight Loss Blogs


As $60 billion industry, the weight loss industry has high a search volume and some of the highest paying keyword phrases. In fact, as recent findings show, the phrase “loss weight” alone gets more than 11.1 million searches every month and has a cost-per-click (CPC) rate of more than $3.


Within this flourishing niche, there are a lot of opportunities for carving out your own blogging space. Some possibilities for weight loss blogs include:


  • Journaling personal weight loss experiences
  • Sharing exercise tips & regimens
  • Posting healthy recipes & healthy eating tips.

2. Health & Wellness Blogs


Closely related to weight loss – and raking in more than $3 trillion each year, the health and wellness industries are another pair of lucrative spaces online. Some of the top performing keywords in this space – including “gym,” “fitness” and “bodybuilding” – are the focus of more than 4.83 million searches every month.


Options for diving into the health and wellness blogging space include (and are not limited to):


  • Rating gyms & different types of fitness classes
  • Reviewing different health & wellness products, like exercise equipment and supplements
  • Sharing stretching & strength building routines.

3. Food Blogs

As a central part of pretty much everyone’s life, food can be another highly profitable space in terms of blogging niches, with the top five food-related keywords generating more than 6.5 million searches every month. In the food blogging niche, there are lots of options for shaping your own space, like:


  • Reviewing local restaurants
  • Sharing tips & hacks for cooking
  • Rating different cooking utensils & products
  • Sharing recipes & food storage tips.

4. Travel Blogs


Every year, Americans spend more than $1 billion on traveling and buying travel-related items. It’s no surprise, then, that travel is another popular and profitable space in the online world, where the top five travel-related keywords see more than 9.5 million searches monthly.


When it comes to breaking into the travel blogging niche, some great options include blogging about and sharing:


  • Business or personal travel tips
  • The best ways to travel alone or on a budget
  • The best places and ways to travel with a group or family
  • How to save money while traveling
  • Reviews on different travel apps, hotels and/or airlines
  • City- or country-specific travel guides.

5. Parenting Blogs


New and seasoned parents are often focused on their children – and their search habits and online interests back this up. In fact, the top five parenting-related keywords have an average CPC rate of $3 to $5.


In the parenting blogging sphere, some great ideas for getting noticed and making waves include focusing on content and topics like:


  • The best toys and products for children (by age)
  • Recipes and games for children (by age)
  • Tips on homeschooling children
  • How to successfully co-parent children
  • How to talk to children about sensitive subjects.

6. Beauty & Fashion Blogs


While this blogging niche can be challenging to break into (because of the sheer competition out there), it can present a good money-making opportunity, especially for those who can find the right balance between eye-catching visual content and interesting, accessible written content.


For beauty and fashion blogs, there are a variety of directions you go, like sharing:


  • Makeover tips
  • Reviews on beauty products
  • The latest fashion trends
  • Hacks on how to follow beauty and fashion trends on a budget
  • Step-by-step makeup guides and tutorials.

7. DIY & Craft Blogs


This lucrative blogging niche can cover a lot of territory, from home improvement projects to crafting businesses. Some great ideas and topics for DIY and crafting blogs include content that explains or shares:


  • Tutorials on how to start and complete various home repair projects
  • Guides on how to launch and grow a crafting business
  • Tips for completing DIY or crafting projects on a budget
  • Crafting for or with kids.

8. Tech & Gaming Blogs


Constantly evolving, the technology and gaming industries pull in trillions of dollars per year. In fact, the top five tech and gaming keyword phrases see more than 53 million searches every month. Within this niche, there are all sorts of facets to blog about, like:


  • The latest video games, apps and software
  • How to build and/or repair hardware
  • How to use new tech or play new games
  • The future of tech and gaming.

9. Money & Finance Blogs


This blogging niche can cover money and finance matters for individuals and businesses alike. As such, there are seemingly limitless topics that blogs within this niche can focus on, such as:


  • How to finance a new business
  • Personal or professional budgeting tips
  • Saving and investment strategies and tips
  • How to save on banking (or other) fees
  • How to improve personal or business credit ratings.

10. Professional Development Blogs


Another often-searched subject that’s a great niche for monetizing blogs is the realm of professional development, which can cover anything from growing professional skills and networks to:


  • Changing careers
  • Professional coaching
  • The best webinars for professional development (by industry).

6 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Blogging Niche


To hone in on the best, most profitable blogging niche for you, here are some important issues to consider:


  1. What niche do you find most interesting? – You want to choose a blogging niche that you are knowledgeable about and that will hold your interest over time.
  2. What can you bring to that niche?– The better options will be niches you can contribute to in a unique, interesting and/or nuanced way.
  3. Is the niche-based in a thriving industry? – If so, it can be far easier to quickly build an audience.
  4. Are there opportunities to promote products or services in your niche?– In other words, will the niche support affiliate marketing & partnerships? If not, it will be more challenging to generate profits from blogging.
  5. Does the target audience for your niche have purchasing power?– If the audience for a given niche isn’t able or willing to buy items mentioned in your blogs, again, it’s going to be more challenging to monetize your blog.

Profitable Blogging Niches: The Bottom Line


Monetizing a blog can take time, passion and an ongoing commitment – just like running a business does. Given the effort and dedication necessary to making a blog successful and profitable, choosing the right niche is pivotal to transitioning your blogging from a hobby into a true money maker. is your online Digital Marketing tutorial website. Here you will find helpful tips and tricks. We always try to keep our audience up to date by sharing the latest news of Digital World. Keep visiting our site on a regular basis as we update post every week. Don’t forget to share it with your lovable one. Thanks for visiting.

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