Strategies to Dominate Social Media Platform

Strategies to Dominate Social Media Platform & Boost Your Branding

Social media plays a vital role in Branding. To dominate social media platform it’s very important to have unique strategies. In today’s day in age, social media has grown to become a mega force in which most companies utilize as their primary source of marketing. What is it that makes social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, so effective? Perhaps the impressive marketing impact that they have is due to the quick and easy access that companies have to clients and potential viewers. With 92% of all marketers stating that social media results in more exposure for their business, it would be wise for small businesses and bloggers alike join in on the action.

With such a variety of social media platforms, it can become confusing and, at times, overwhelming to maintain consistency on all social media outlets on a regular basis. However, with a strong marketing strategy, you will surely boost your branding and indulge in the many advantages that a powerful social media presence offers. Here are a few simple tips to follow to further enhance your branding:

Unique Social Presence

First and foremost, you want to establish a presence on your social media platforms that differentiate you from the majority. This requires tapping into your creative side and making your profile for your business stand out to viewers. Ask yourself, why would a potential viewer want to follow your account? What is it about your profile or your content that is so unique that will draw in followers? For example, Humans of New York achieves this sense of creativity with their consistent posts that detail the intimate lives of New Yorkers. By creating a unique presence, you will spark curiosity in potential viewers who will be more likely to follow your content.

Social Sharing

Encourage your followers to share your content on their social media accounts. This can be accomplished in creative ways that offer an incentive to your followers for sharing your posts. For example, many Instagram and Facebook accounts will host contests in which they ask their followers to first share the post to be entered for a chance to win. Although followers should ideally want to share your content regardless, asking them directly is effective in that they will be more likely to actually do it.

Quality Content

Creating fun and valuable content is what is going to establish a sense of loyalty among your followers. Just like with the majority of your social media strategy, this step requires creativity to produce content that is aesthetically pleasing, so as to continuously attract more viewers. With Instagram, this could mean capturing eye-popping images that make a statement. If you are posting on Pinterest, you should ensure that every blog post is pinned with a graphic to make it stand out. Whether or not you own a professional camera or have top-notch design skills, there are unlimited ways in which you can create unforgettable content. All you need to ensure that it offers something of value to your viewers.

Engagement with Creative Commenting

Engaging with your audience, as well as with other accounts who have a large following, will increase the chances of your account getting noticed and, therefore, enhance the growth of your brand. Having an engaging presence refers to liking other posts, sharing posts, and commenting. However, what many do not know is that commenting is a strategy in itself. Simply commenting on an Instagram photo “Gorgeous!” or “Great shot!” does not qualify as creative commenting.  Find a way to encourage the person whose account you are following to visit your account, as well. For example, you can still comment “Great shot!” But also incorporate something along the lines of, “Great shot! Check out my account if you have the chance!” You can also include a hashtag in your commenting that will strategically direct viewers to your website.

The Power of Hashtags

In regards to boosting brand awareness, never underestimate the power of hashtags in your strategy. Hashtags are effective in that they instantly make your posts and content more searchable in the communities that you intend your brand to reach. The key to utilizing effective hashtags is to choose keywords that your brand identifies with. It will help smaller niche communities to be able to come across your content easier.

Create Contests

Contests are a fun way to boost follower engagement and brand awareness with little to no expense on your end. Many social media contests will ask followers to follow their account and share their account on their social media to be entered for a chance to win the contest. By having all of your followers share your account on their feed, you are extending to a massive audience, as well as engaging with your followers. This will significantly increase the chance of people viewing your account and further build your brand awareness.

Social media is truly a phenomenon in the marketing world for developing brand awareness. It can present itself as an overwhelming task when not strategically planned. With these simple steps and strategies, you will be sure to dominate the various social platforms. It will surely help you to boost your brand awareness. is your online Digital Marketing tutorial website. Here you will find helpful tips and tricks. We always try to keep our audience up to date by sharing the latest news of Digital World. Keep visiting our site on a regular basis as we update post every week. Don’t forget to share it with your lovable one. Thanks for visiting.


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