10 Amazing WordPress Plugins for your Website

10 Amazing WordPress Plugins for your Website – WP Blogs

Plugins can transform your WordPress site into an engaging interface of user-friendliness, functionality, and marketability. Using them judiciously is indispensable to the professional appearance and functioning of your site. Plugins enable you to connect with users in myriad ways as they seamlessly navigate your space. Of the 47,000 available for use on WordPress, a few are absolute must-haves.


If you run your website as a business, then your potential clients’ ability to contact you is a top priority. For that you need forms. Among the most user-friendly of these is WPForms. With its drag-and-drop functionality that supports ease of use and a high level of creative design freedom. Plus, in addition to contact forms, you can make an order, payment, subscription, and even invoices. It’s easy to use and takes many of the difficulties out of running a professional and functional online business. WPForms is available at a cost, but a useful WPForms Lite version exists and is free.

Yoast SEO

This is an amazing and powerful search engine optimization tool that offers a wealth of ways to increase the visibility of your page and bring traffic to your website. It provides you with keywords and synonyms to catch all the traffic searching for yours or a similar product. It provides previews for Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and performs a readability test of your content so that you know your readers are likely to stay. Yoast SEO also screens for duplicate content and makes it easy to navigate technical stuff like sitemaps and permalinks.

Probably one of the most useful features is the ability to automatically redirect your old URLs so they link to your new ones. Your users never get annoying 404 Not Found messages. The premium version is available at a cost, but there’s also the free version if you’re on a budget.


Traffic analysis is also important to WordPress content creators, and MonsterInsights connects your site directly to Google Analytics, giving you an easy and reliable way of understanding your visitors’ patterns. In fact, it makes Google Analytics more user-friendly and understandable, connecting your website traffic information with advertising and e-commerce tracking, and more. With graphical interpretations of almost every type of data, one might say it keeps your finger on the pulse of your website, so you’re always aware of your its health.

XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are useful for encouraging search engines to find your pages, and with just a few clicks Google XML Sitemaps creates an easily navigable map for Google’s search engines. Not only does it generate an updated map with each new page you create, but it also notifies search engines whenever you create a new page on your site. This helps avoid delays in getting your page into the search engine algorithms so it can rank up faster. To top it off, it’s totally free!

W3 Total Cache

This freemium browser caching software dramatically reduces the load time of your pages to enhance the performance of your website. It also supports SEO by making it easier for search engines to collect your page’s data. It works great for mobile friendly and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) sites and its compression capabilities (using minify or HTTP feed compression) can decrease bandwidth usage by up to 80%. It’s a must have for any website looking to improve its ranking and retain customers with its fluid functionality.

Constant Contact

This CRM service promises a “$38 average ROI for every $1 spent.” It supports professional and efficient product and brand marketing to clients and potential customers. It streamlines your contacts, provides templates for professional newsletters, and expands your marketing campaign to include e-commerce, surveys, and donations. Constant Contact even allows you to offer coupons that drive even more traffic to your site. With a 90% reach and up to 97% email deliverability, this email-plus service supports customer creation and retention.


Sucuri is a cyber-security service that protects your website directly from their cloud so that no installation is required. It gives security alerts for your website, reports on performance, and offers back-up-and-restore functions for your entire site so that it protects you from hackers and your own system’s malfunctions. Sucuri performs regular scans to your site, ranging from every 12 hours for their Basic Plan to every 4 hours for their higher-end Business Plan. They offer security certificates, too, so that your customers will feel secure visiting as well as entering information on your site. You’ll also get Firewalls, blacklist updates and removals, and DDoS to support overall customer confidence in your website.

Nivo Slider

If your WordPress site emphasizes images, then you’ll want to showcase them in a beautiful yet professional way that allows customization, shortcodes, and flawlessly supports mobile technology. Nivo Slider helps you to do all this quickly, easily, and above all beautiful. Slideshows are flawless and present an advantage over video by being lighter and easier to load. Visitors engage more with your site as a result of the variety of images. Nivo Slider helps you generate and with the seamlessness of transitions that are so easy to achieve with its intuitive interface.

Beaver Builder

Insert drag-and-drop functionality into your WordPress architecture with Beaver Builder and make re-designing and renovating your site as simple as clicking your mouse. Periodically changing the face of your website supports customer engagement and retention, and it improves conversion rates. Beaver Builder offers attractive templates and allows you to save your own design as templates. You can later export to another site. It allows separation from webpage themes so that you control your content and layout 100%. It’s also efficient and supports highly responsive web pages so that even a heavy dose of creativity won’t slow your site down.


Have clients that need to book services and make payments directly to your site? BirchPress offers you a professional interface that is easy for customers to use and for you to manage. You can customize the booking form to fit your business’s needs, and it’s friendly for coders and non-coders alike. Taking online payments is a breeze via integration with PayPal and WooCommerce. Plus, its calendar syncs with all your calendar apps and offers notifications. Cause in this way you always stay on top of your clients’ scheduled bookings.

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